Lead Hazard Detection
  • Conduct on-site lead-based paint detection by portable X-ray Fluorescence Unit testing
  • Sample soil for possible ground contamination
  • Carry out lead dust clearance sampling in accordance with HUD (U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development) guidelines
  • Determine exposure levels of employees using OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) exposure monitoring
  • Monitor ambient air for lead particulate
  • Develop risk assessments to determine if the lead present poses an immediate hazard and create a plan for treating lead painted surfaces
  • Outline the details of an abatement project and provide technical guidance through the execution of the abatement plan
  • Develop interim control methods for lead-based paint to temporarily reduce lead hazards
  • Provide the oversight and project management for lead remediation projects
  • Initiate community relations planning by which residents in the area are informed and brought into the abatement process
  • Offer site characterization prior to initiating the actual abatement
    • Determine if unusual conditions exist
    • Provide a clear explanation of the abatement process
    • Establish necessary requirements for public safety and employee protection
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