Indoor Air
  • Mold Screenings
  • Sick Building Complaints
  • Nuisance Odor Complaints
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC'S)
  • Allergen Screenings–Dust mites, Cockroaches, Dog and Cat
Scope of Work:
  • Conduct indoor air quality studies of commercial and residential facilities
  • Manage indoor air quality problems
  • Collect and prepare environmental samples: air, surface and bulk
  • Interpret laboratory data
  • Differentiate moisture sources and recommend corrective actions
  • Perform allergy screening
  • Identify, delineate and specify the remediation of mold contamination in a building
  • Outline the advantages and limitations of sample collection methods for mold on building materials and properly collect samples to determine if mold growth is present
  • Develop an investigation strategy to assess a building's microbial contamination
  • Use material-specific criteria to determine if mold remediation has been effective
  • Identify issues that must be addressed when developing or reviewing mold remediation (scope of work, remediation specification and post-remediation inspection/testing)
  • Establish the general goals and objectives of a mold remediation
  • Determine deficiencies of a mold remediation specification given a specific case study
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